What parts of your business will start to run themselves in 2016?

Imagine being able to step back or step away from your business a little. Is this something you can see yourself doing right now, or a goal for 2016? Would your business still function and grow if you weren’t there?

This goal of business systemisation is just like any other business goal – you can plan for it and achieve it. This doesn’t mean losing control over your business, rather, it’s about gaining control over your life! Call it a ‘get me to a tropical island’ plan, a ‘do the 10am gym class’ plan or a ‘finish by school pick up time’ plan. You, the business owner, can call it whatever you like. ActionCOACH calls it a ‘Business process improvement plan’.

The Business process improvement plan incorporates systems that let you achieve more by doing less and leverage what you are doing in your business. There are 9 key actions that will help you systemise your business, step back, and get to that tropical Island, gym class or after school pickup:

Vision – Does your business team have a clear understanding of the vision of the business? Are they motivated by it? If you don’t have a business vision, make one now.

Mission – Is it clear who the business is and what it does?  Does everyone understand it? Is everyone on board with the mission of the business? What could you be doing now to communicate your mission?

Culture – What is your company culture? Is it clearly defined using language that everyone can understand? Are all of your staff and yourself living up to the culture of the business? Look at this from a week to week activities basis and on an overarching culture basis.

SMART Goals – We blogged about setting business goals earlier this month. Here’s a link to this blog if you need to refresh. Make sure everyone in the business knows exactly where you’re going in the short, medium and long term.

Organisation Charts – Are they up to date and does everyone in your business know their reporting chain and their accountabilities? A short amount of time spent getting these up to date will mean less of your time stepping in and out of this chart yourself.

Position Commitments – What commitments does each position need to keep to fulfil their position? How regularly do you discuss these with individual team members?

KPI’s – How will you measure your staff’s performance and what objectives need to be met to obtain the business goals from each person?

Procedures Manual – What procedures do you need to document or update? Without procedures it will be impossible to remove yourself from the business.

Management Systems – How do you actually know that everything is working the way it was designed? Do you have an effective Dashboard? Is your business’ meeting schedule keeping everyone informed and keeping the rhythm right?

Some of the above business process improvements should be included in each Business Plan you write, to allow your business to work well – with and without you.

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