Building Great Businesses

Elite Entrepreneur Membership Program

Enabling Sydney Business Owners to achieve results

Monthly Group Meetings

Quarterly Planning

Fun & Growth

What do you get with your BGB Membership?

  • Monthly Full Day Group Meeting
  • Annual Planning Workshop
  • Quarterly GrowthClub
  • Peer Partner Program
  • Access to the 30x Program
  • World class tools, templates and systems
  • Book of the month

Enabling business owners to achieve real results while actually enjoying business.

This Program is the easiest way for you to create a successful business that works without you.  Through a structured combination of education, accountability and peer support, we provide you with the world’s best business methods in a way that’s practical, affordable and can be implemented with confidence.  

Your Elite Membership Program is your Advisory Group, and includes the following:

Each month meet to network with other like-minded business owners, review your last month’s performance, learn new business strategies, and define what actions you need to take for the up-coming month. These meetings include:

  • Action Board – You’ll be part of a round table peer group who will help you to set goals and KPI’s for the next 30 days, to solve challenges that come up and to pursue opportunities that arise. 
  • Education – From many of the world’s, and Sydney’s, leading business experts, you’ll be taught the most practical and valuable strategies for your business. You’ll be provided with relevant tools and templates to then use in your business.
  • Networking – A chance to meet and talk with other business owners from around Sydney.
  • Celebration – Acknowledge your achievements and progress and be in the running for monthly awards.


Once each year, you will focus on building your next annual plan.  Utilizing the most effective planning tools and methods, we’ll help you craft and document the strongest possible business plan for the year ahead, as well as the first quarter; ensuring that you begin with the greatest possible chance of success.

Every 90 days, you will focus on planning for the next Quarter.  Review your last quarter achievements, build a laser focused one-page plan for the next 90 days, and define implementation strategies to improve your business..

Along with one or two peers from your ActionBOARD, meet for one hour each week to hold each other accountable for the achievement of your quarterly and monthly goals.

30X is a program that deals in principles. Business principles last forever. They don’t change with the birth and death of industries, and they never cease to play a role in how businesses grow. Access weekly learning on 30X your business, 30X your life, Business Basics, Entrepreneurial growth series and Business RICH for several years’ worth of business and personal growth.

Each month every member receives a book aligned to business growth, leadership growth or personal growth.  All members read and share their learnings from the book and how they have implemented them into their business and their lives.

Gain access to your online business plan and the ActionCOACH portal to build your plan and track your progress toward business and personal goals.

Business Excellence Forum and Awards is designed to deliver the best, most effective and highest value business strategies for your business. Join us for two highly packed and inspiring days where you will receive business insights from renowned leaders. You will leave with business skills including effective ROI strategies and multiple actions to grow your business.

Why this program?

  • It has a track record of delivering outstanding results to members
  • Its founders have a track record of real success in business and in business coaching and education
  • You’ll get access to the very best of global and local business systems; which have been implemented successfully by millions
  • Its affordable for almost any business

Through the program, you’ll know what you need to do, you’ll be supported to do it and it will all happen through a process which is both inspiring and enjoyable!