Looking for ways to grow your business whilst getting yourself more free time?

One-on-one coaching is the fastest way to take your business to the next level.  It is designed for business owners who have built up their business to a reasonable size and are now looking to do one or more of the following:

  • Take their business up to the next level;
  • Reduce the business’s reliance on the owner by putting in place a team and systems;
  • Prepare their business for sale.
How does it work?

Any one-on-one coaching assignment begins with an alignment consultation which is 1/2 or full day session during we which we take an in-depth look at the current state of your business and help you get clarity on your strategy and long term goals.  Those long term goals are then translated into shorter term objectives and an action plan is built around them.  From there on, Andrew will work with you on a regular basis to assist you with implementing that plan, holding you accountable and giving you advice along the way.  In addition, he can provide half or whole day sessions on sales training, marketing training, management training, team building etc depending on what is needed to help move your business forward.

Once you make the commitment to succeed, we will help you to:
  • Rapidly expand your customer base through more effective marketing and improved lead-to-customer conversion rates
  • Grow your revenue through increased repeat business and higher average dollar sales per customer
  • Introduce new products or enter new markets
  • Work less hours by putting in place systems and depending on a more effective workforce
  • Increase the value of your business in the marketplace (this may be a prelude to your exit strategy!)
  • Combine both business and personal goals, and work to make them a reality
  • Beat the habits that have held you and your business back.

To learn more about any of these great programs and to find out which one would best suit your needs, contact us for a chat about your business, or book in for a free, no-obligation business assessment session.