You’ve owned your business for a number of years.  You’ve survived the turbulent start-up phase, you’ve added revenue, profit, employees, and things are running pretty smoothly.  So what’s next?…

  • Bigger Better Faster Stronger

    You’re looking for growth – and lots of it.  Maybe you’re considering exploring new product or service lines, expanding into new geographic markets, or you’re thinking about franchising or wondering how best to finance your expansion phase.

  • Consolidation

    The business has grown considerably and it’s getting harder for you to manage and control everything.  It feels like you being there is still pivotal to everything running smoothly – and sometimes you’d like not to be there.  It’s time to put in place systems, processes and procedures that will help you manage your growing business while reducing its reliance on you the owner.

  • Preparing for sale

    If you’re considering putting your business up for sale, naturally you’d like to maximize its value and its attractiveness to potential buyers.