How to increase productivity with these 4 techniques

Ever wondered how to increase productivity so you can reach your business goals sooner, and possibly enjoy more breaks from the business? ActionCOACH has 4 techniques that have helped our clients increase their productivity straight away.


Technique 1. Plan your time.

This technique involves you sitting down at the end of each week and planning out what you will do in the coming week. It’s really easy, won’t take you long and is a great way to get clear on what you need to get done. It will make optimal use of your time throughout the week, because you won’t have those moments of “Hmm, what was I meant to do today?” Avoid using this weekly time plan to simply schedule meetings – instead, dedicate time to completing the most important activities for your business. This technique really only works properly if you already have a clear 90-day plan in place for your business, as this will guide you on what are the genuinely important things to achieve in the next week to ensure that you’re actually developing a great business and not just doing the urgent things or the things that someone else asks you to do!  If you don’t have a 90-day business plan, contact us here and we can help you create one.


Technique 2. Stick to the plan

So you’ve planned to do something at a particular time… this is for good reason! So it’s important to minimise distractions, stick to the plan and get it done. This is a crucial time management skill, and one that will become second nature after some practice. If you skip a part of your plan you are in fact sabotaging a small part of your bigger business plan. Another great reason to stick to the plan is because interruptions and distractions cause your brain to stop one thing and refocus on another, then refocus again on the first activity at the end of the interruption. Distractions cause a 50% reduction in your productivity, so wherever you can, don’t switch between tasks!


Technique 3. Have an accountability coach

Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to cost you a cent. Think of someone who cares about what you do and is willing to help you. Simply communicate your plan to this person, and schedule an accountability catch-up with them on an agreed day each week. Just like a child will work fastidiously towards a goal if they know you have a treat waiting for them at the end – you are more likely to be more productive when someone else knows about your plan and is holding you accountable for completing the steps in it.


Technique 4. Avoid Productivity Killers.

Looking to increase productivity? Increase your focus on health and fitness. Keeping fit might sound more like a distraction that a productivity technique, but in fact fatigue, stress, illness, poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle have a direct impact on your time management and productivity. How? Being fit and healthy not only gives you more energy but also improves your productivity and performance at work, which in turn makes you happier and a better spouse/parent/friend, which in turn motivates you to further build your health and fitness and so on. So it’s a great idea to look holistically at your business, personal life and health.


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