How to use Strategic Alliances in a Marketing Plan

When building your strategic marketing plan, there’s much to think about.  Marketing messaging, advertising, who your audience is, what goals do you want to achieve for the business, what do you need to do to hit your targets and so on.

Then we need to incorporate all of our lead generation strategies.  If you think about all the ways you can generate leads into your business it can be a little overwhelming! We know of at least 84 different ways to bring new leads into your business, which we help businesses implement every day.

One of the greatest resources we have found for generating leads for your business is other businesses! Huh, I hear you say?

Think about this.  If you are working with other businesses who sell to the same target customers as you, but they sell a different product or service, how beneficial can that be to your business?

How much easier would it be for you to generate leads if you were using the database of a company that already had your potential customers?  And better still what if that business was already working with those customers and they already had an established relationship in place?  Do you think that would be a virtual goldmine for your business? This is how Strategic Alliances work.  By finding ways to promote yourselves to each others’ databases will provide leads and is one of the greatest win-win situations.

Let’s talk about an example.  Say you owned a business that sold Organic Baby Food and you were just starting out.  A great place to start to find your target audience would be mother’s groups, mother’s interested in health and nutrition, pregnancy yoga classes, etc.

What if you set up a strategic alliance with another company that sold Organic Baby Skin Care or Eco Friendly clothes?  Do you think that most of the people that do business with these existing companies might fall into your target audience?

So how can you get creative when putting together your strategic marketing plan? What Strategic Alliances would work for your business and what initiatives and campaigns could you put in place that would help you both? Exciting isn’t it!

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