An experienced  businesswoman and financial consultant, I have a particular passion for educating and helping small and medium business owners get control of their finances, and teaching them to use the financial information at their disposal to improve the business’s productivity and profitability.

Too often finance gets thrown into the too hard/too boring basket in the small business world – best case that’s a huge missed opportunity and worst case it’s a recipe for disaster… That’s where I come in.

I work with business owners to put in place simple processes, procedures and routines which will allow them to better understand their finances and as a result better understand their business, leading to superior decision making, improved cash flow management and higher profitability – not to mention greatly reduced stress levels.

Together we create tailored business dashboards which contain all financial information relevant to decision making in a simple format, much like a car dashboard.  We also work on producing rolling cash flow forecasts, a critical tool in any small business, and longer term forecasts and budgets.  The result is a tightly managed ship, where the business owner feels he or she is in control.  No more sudden tax bill surprises, unchecked lists of debtors to chase, piles of unpaid bills to get through.

When not working, I enjoy life with my family and friends in the beautiful Blue Mountains, love food & wine & books, do pilates a few times a week, am dabbling with meditation, and go travelling whenever possible – particularly if it involves mountains & snow!