5 Fast and Free Ways to Increase Profit

For any business owner wanting to make more money, the first place to look for improvement should be Net Profit Margin.

Selling from Stage

Selling from Stage is one of, if not the, most effective way for Professional Services businesses in particular to promote themselves.

3 Ways to Grow Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth referrals do sometimes happen with absolutely no effort on your part, other than the continued delivery of great service. However, there are a number of ways to proactively stimulate increased word-of-mouth business.

Are you building a business? Or are you doing a job?

The important first step is to start asking yourself each week, “how many hours did I spend this week doing leveraged activities?” Ultimately, as the business owner, this should be the majority of your week.

5 Fast Ways to Convert more Prospects to Customers

Conversion…among the quickest, easiest and most controllable ways to grow your business!
get other business to generate business for you

How to boost your profits by partnering with other businesses

We all know word of mouth can be very a very powerful marketing tool; getting organizations to promote or recommend you to their clients is akin to word of mouth on steroids!

Five great strategies for improving your Net Profit Margin

Of the 70-odd primary strategies for improving your Net Profit Margin, these are the five that I’ve seen used most often and for most businesses. They all have the benefit of incurring no significant cost to implement and they work almost immediately.

5 simple tips for building more “Raving Fans” for your Business

Getting good customers to stay, return and grow is far easier and cheaper than finding new ones. Furthermore, good customers refer other clients to you and, typically, those other clients can be turned into raving fans too. So what has to happen in your business to have more raving fans?