Are you building a business? Or are you doing a job?

Many would say, “of course I’m building a business”!

Image courtesy of renjith krishnan at

Image courtesy of renjith krishnan at

However, we meet plenty of people out there who, whilst technically owning a business, are actually doing most of the work themselves.  And often, they’d find life easier if they just got a job with a salary…


Our definition of a successful business includes the words “works without me the owner”.  What are you doing to get your business to the point where it doesn’t rely on you?  Where you can take a couple of months off anytime you like, without any concern as to the impact on the business.


The 9-Steps to systematising your business are a great process to work through to reach that point where you’re no longer critical to your business.  It’s a step-by-step process, that takes a few months, and is guaranteed to get your business systematised.  But that’s for another day….


In the first instance, there are some immediate and simple things you can start doing to get some leverage in your business.  Most importantly, start measuring how many hours each week you personally spend on leveraged activities.  What do I mean by leveraged activities?  Those activities that you do once as the business owner and benefit from for a long time or for ever.  What are some examples?


1. Writing a new system in your business…once you’ve written the system, your staff can manage it and you will enjoy the benefits of it without having to actually do the work.


2. Design a good marketing campaign…once you test it, measure it’s results and confirm that they’re good, you (or someone else in your team) can just keep rolling out the same campaign whenever you need new customers.


3. Recruit great people…your business growth will be seriously constrained unless you recruit other people to it.  They’re the ones who will generate significant growth and allow you to focus on leveraged, massive value-adding activities.


4. Training your team…all very well to get great people into your business but, if you don’t invest the time and effort into training them, they’ll never reach full productivity or they’ll leave!  Train them well the first time and you’ll enjoy the benefits forever!


5. Business planning and strategy…spend time writing a good plan and you’ll benefit from it for the life of the plan.


These are just five examples and there are many more.  The important first step is to start asking yourself each week, “how many hours did I spend this week doing leveraged activities?”  Ultimately, as the business owner, this should be the majority of your week.  If it’s less than five hours, and you’re spending most of your week “doing the work”, change now!  Do five hours on the business this week and start enjoying the rewards!