FINALLY – The book series providing specific, actionable steps to help you run your business.

Strategy and Management are perhaps the two greatest distinguishing factors between reasonable businesses and great businesses.  They probably have a greater impact on the performance and value of a business than anything else.  Unfortunately, compared with finance, marketing, sales and other aspects of business that can be more easily learned or outsourced, Strategy and Management remain, for many, anything but straightforward.

Where so many of the existing books on Strategy and Management tend to be more theoretical, complicated or analytical, these books present a straightforward “how-to” on the subject.  They provide a set of practical steps that any business leader can implement quickly to enhance their core strategy and to get the best from their team; in turn dramatically increasing the value of their business.  Whether the owner of a Small Business, or a Senior Executive in a large Corporation, these books will provide a valuable tool.

The Strategy book lays out a new Framework for the development of any business and then focusses on the lever that has greatest impact on a company’s value – its Core Asset.  The book lays out a step-by-step process for the creation of a more valuable Core Asset in any business.  This approach was at the heart of how I grew Stella Travel UK from sales of $50Million to $2Billion in under 2 years and has now been used to multiply the size and value of a number of our clients.

The Management book lays out thirty things that any Manager should do in order to get the best out of their team.  It provides an explanation of each one to provide the reader with an easy-to-use reference tool.  These things have been implemented by many of our clients; allowing them to achieve exceptional business results and, in the case of several of them, gaining their businesses national recognition as Great Places to Work, in publications such as BRW.

Both books also provide an evaluation methodology for any business leader to assess their current Core Asset and their current Management Practices.

The Sustainable Success book then goes one step further by providing a practical framework for business owners to attain financial & personal freedom as well as business success.  It is an invaluable guide to actually attain the freedom that business ownership promises (but that few business owners achieve) and to ensure that businesses can truly achieve their potential – without being dependent on their owner.

All 3 books use thirty practical steps or activities cultivated by Andrew over his hugely successful career that any business leader can implement quickly to enhance their core strategy, get the best from their team and hand over the management of their business – and in turn dramatically increasing the value of their business.

  • Specific, actionable steps

  • Hands-on, practical advice

  • Frameworks based on success with real companies

  • Clear and Straightforward Action Points