To help you determine if I’m the right person to talk to about your business, let me tell you a bit more about me.  I am a successful entrepreneur, business and executive coach, mad keen sportsman and adventurer.  I have a degree in economics and an honors degree in law, both from ANU, and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from INSEAD, the top global MBA program in the world according to the Financial Times.   This unique combination of qualifications allows me to take a holistic view of any issues your company may face, including financial, strategic, leadership or legal matters.

I have extensive management experience, including leading a multi-billion dollar company, and have been involved in numerous mergers and acquisitions.  As a business and executive coach, I have a remarkable track record of great results, which for some clients translates into exponential growth, while for other it was the successful sale of their business, the achievement of being recognized as one of the top places to work by BRW or simply the ability to go on an extended holiday with their business running smoothly in the background.

Using a methodological approach, I work with my clients to understand where their business is at and what its strengths and weaknesses are.  I then help them determine where they want to take their business and, if engaged on an ongoing basis, assist them in getting it there.  My best clients – the ones that achieve the best results – have two distinguishing characteristics: they have a strong internal drive as to why they want to see their business succeed, and they are open to learn and improve.

Last but not definitely not least, I like to have fun!  In my case that means rock-climbing and skiing whenever possible, going on extensive family holidays and playing endless hours of cricket and soccer with my two young boys.