Discover the hidden strategies on how to improve sales

Sometimes it can be hard to appreciate or even remember that asking and looking for what you want in the business world is perfectly okay and in fact it will help you discover the hidden strategies on how to improve sales.

Presumably, you know the nuts and bolts of getting sales off the ground but lately you’re aware that they could be better. So what to do?  There are at least 80 ways of generating leads. However, as a starting point, make sure that you are actively implementing four fundamental marketing activities:  proactive referral campaigns, building a strong online presence, understanding your customer acquisition costs and developing strategic alliances. If you do those four well, any business can generate enough leads to keep their enterprise in great shape.

Let’s start with referrals.  What’s one thing many of us do online when we are researching products and services? Read the reviews and testimonials. Referrals are the key to any successful business and if you can turn your top customers into raving fans of your business, then you have gone a long way to ensure the long-term viability of your business.

Buyer behaviour has changed tremendously in recent times.  Research now shows that around 60 per cent of the buying decision is made before someone even picks up the phone to speak with a sales person. There is so much information available online, deciding which business to work with is easier than it’s ever been.  It goes without saying that companies with a strong online presence consistently find new customers at a higher rate than their competitors that don’t.

How do you view your marketing? Is it an expense or an investment?  Gaining customers is an investment and it is vitally important for businesses to understand this. You don’t just get customers, you buy them! When you have that mindset, you begin to understand what you need to spend your marketing budget on. Know what acquisition cost is allowable and then test and measure you activities to know which ones are a good investment.

One of the greatest avenues for generating leads for your business is other businesses.  Working in strategic alliances with other businesses that sell to the same group as your target customer, but sell a different product, can be very beneficial to all concerned.

So it’s important that you begin by looking through your current database to see how you can generate more leads from your existing customers. Remember, these various hidden strategies to improve sales are there for the taking.

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Is your Unique Selling Proposition strong, clear and effective?

You will have heard the saying “it’s a jungle out there” and never more so these days than in business which is why you need to determine: is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) strong, clear and effective?

When you are trying to work out your Unique Selling Proposition, a helpful process is to think about it in relation to your competition within your industry or another comparable industry which is making impressive inroads in the market. There are many questions you can ask to determine how strong it is, whether you need to make it stronger and how to best articulate that.

These questions cover a number of important areas and considerations for your business goals and they include: your competition; industry trends; perceived standards in sales and marketing; your average customer now and in the future; what problems do they have that you can solve; what particular capabilities your business has; and so on.

When you think of your competition, for example, who are your main three? What do they do well and what’s unique about them? What do they do poorly? How do you separate your USP from them? What is the perceived standard of customer service in your industry? What do you guarantee about your service? What would customers have said about your business 12 months ago? What would they say today?

What you are trying to achieve with your Unique Selling Proposition is to stand out from your competition in a way that is specific, tangible and of value to your target segments.

It’s actually not that difficult to get your business into shape, it does take a bit of time and forethought, though. To build yourself a bigger or better business there are only five key areas of marketing and sales   you need to focus on. While we won’t be examining all of them in this blog, having a strong Unique Selling Proposition is key to all five of them.

Another great question to ask in defining your Unique Selling Proposition is: what is the one thing that if you could guarantee it, would make you the market leader? It is an excellent question and one that goes to the heart of finessing your USP. After all, isn’t part of this process working out what makes your customers come to you rather than another business?


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